Joi Choi


Mild with a light peppery taste 

Crisp, juicy stems and leaves which when cooked remain a beautiful dark green colour.

Good for: sautés and stir frys, can also be braised, boiled or steamed for soups

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Joi Choi is a variety of bok choy, also referred to as pak choi. It is a rich source (20% or more of the Daily Value, DV) of vitamin A (30% DV), vitamin C (54% DV) and vitamin K (44% DV), while providing folate, vitamin B6 and calcium in moderate amounts (10–17% DV) (table). Chinese cabbage was ranked #2 for nutrient density out of 41 nutrient-rich plant foods.



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7.5 oz. (Ounce)/ 212g (grams)


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