What We Offer

We’re thrilled to offer local, fresh, clean and nutrient dense produce to Timmins year round!

Hydroponics is most certainly on the cutting edge of agricultural practices, and needed in the cold, remote North to ensure food security. Advances in technology have provided a sustainable method for farming in the region year round. Specialized LED lighting and balanced nutrient supplements have contributed to an upward trend in indoor vertical farming operations throughout the United States and some parts of Canada, and Northeastern Ontario is ready for this technology.

Given the long winter season in Northern Ontario, the capacity to grow produce locally year round will significantly benefit local residents. Hydroponics provides a sustainable way to increase food security. Currently, residents must purchase produce from outside the region several months out of each year, making it difficult for them to ensure food security and contributing to a higher carbon footprint than had they been able to buy locally grown produce or grow it themselves.

More consumers are buying local. They are becoming hyper-aware of the need to reduce the social and environment impact of “food miles,” the carbon footprint created when buying food through standard methods. The farm-to-table movement is taking hold over the North American consumer culture resulting in lower carbon footprint and higher nutrient dense produce.